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Sunday, January 24, 2010

what i feel...

I dont know how to start.. but seem my heart scream to loud it out, i need it to be free.. I know i'm not a good friend to care about.. But i do care about u man.. and maybe u didn't realize it.. Maybe sometime u take it as a joke.. yea for sure its a joke or gurauan kan.. yea, i except it.. :) maybe after dis no need la for me to care about u too much like i did before kan? and i know, there something matter that u dislike in what i did before. The way kau perli² aku, aku blh tau. yea again, its maybe a joke or gurauan. But please man, if u don't like, please do tell me depan² la.. no need nak tarik muka with someone yang relate with me.. she or he x bersalah.. I apologize if there are any mistakes that i did yg kau tak suka.. and thats me.. If u need me to changed, i'm ready for it.. But please bgtau what i need to do for ur satisfaction.. k la, i think thats all.. Syg weh kawan²...

-hanef h-
-temporary feeling-
-0545 a.m/24 Jan-


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