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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bored day..

Aha, finally going back to segamat after 4days with my buddies especially to the long time no see; afan. haha. cha, umah sewa ko cool giler. Today suppose ade class at 8 to 10 then 2 to 4. Tp dua dua class cancel n i decided to do my assignment today. Tp ni pun x start lagi.. haha.. Sit alone at the library while waiting api, sya n the rest.. rasa mcm mau makan roti tampal! ahaha. dah lama x kena roti tampal ni.. Last weekend have a lot of memories n enjoyment. So, the story about this weekend i'll post in the new post later. gtg. They have called!


syazwani said...

we had great time with friend kan b :) ily

jammbush said...

yea, bc la blog afan


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