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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

great package for me :D

Starting from today, my schedule gonna be bombastically packed! ayya..

25 to 28 March 2010 - Pulau Langkawi

         30 March 2010 - Entreupreneur Report Submission

           1 April 2010   - National Library
                                 - Yayasan Perdana, Putrajaya

            3 April 2010  - Seri Malaysia Hotel, Mersing

            6 April 2010  - Final Report IMD 353 submission

              Unknown     - IMD 354 test

                                          Seri Malaysia Hotel, Mersing

                                Langkawi Lagoon.

                                          Yayasan Perdana

nice package! aha!


Anonymous said...

busy eh ko! kalah artiss.. :p

jammbush said...

tu ah, artis pn x bz mcm aku.haha

Nikel Khor said...

u at langkawi nw?

jammbush said...

i'm oredy back nikel.. y? r u at there too?


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