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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fiat Punto Hgt

Fiat offered two sporty versions. The 1.2 16 valve Sporting model, complete with 6 speed gearbox, and the hot 1.8 HGT which could reach almost 130 mph.The HGT models are the fastest, costliest and wildest Puntos you can buy. Petrol fans will tend towards the 130bhp 1.8-litre 16v . The HGT accelerates 0-60 in 8.2 seconds, it was considered a big improvement in handling over the Mark 1 GT.
In Malaysia, marketprice for the secondhand HGT is around 26K to 28K only and thats affordable.
Look like someone will own it soon! :) 

0-60 mph 8.6 seconds.
Top Speed 125 mph | 201.1 km/h Similar top speeds

Engine Configuration I
Cylinders 4
Aspiration/Induction Normal
Displacement 1747.00 cc | 106.6 cu in. | 1.7 L.
Valves 16 valves.
4 valves per cylinder.
Valvetrain DOHC
Horsepower 130.00 BHP (95.7 KW) @ 6300.00 RPM
Torque 121.00 Ft-Lbs (164.1 NM) @ 4300.00 RPM
HP to Weight Ratio 17.6 LB / HP (Vehicles with similar ratio)
HP / Liter 76.5 BHP / Liter
Vehicles with similar horsepower and weight

Transmission Information
Gears 5
Transmission Manual

Bed Length 55.00
Seating Capacity 4
Length 149.601 in | 3799.9 mm.
Width 65.401 in | 1661.2 mm.
Height 58.301 in | 1480.8 mm.
Wheelbase 96.901 in | 2461.3 mm.
Vehicles with similar dimensions

Rack and Pinion with Power Assist

Tires / Wheels
Tires 185/55 R15 V

The HGT models will be an important part of the Puntos success or otherwise and they seem to have the wherewithall to at least compete in the lucrative hothatch market sector. In summary then, the HGT is worth considering if youre after a wild hot hatch for short-term thrills.

If not, there are other cars that would do the job better notably the cheaper Punto Sporting. If its a Punto you want, try both these Fiats before signing on the dotted line.

                                      The white one! :)

Mum, dad, i really want this car if i achieve the 3.5 above for my diploma cgpa. This car is affordable. Other of my dream car are quite expensive to owned. So, i think this one is the best :)


hanif hafiz said...

bape bnyk kete mu nak..
sbejik cukupla..
org len pun xde kete lagi..
mane aci..

Reuben said...

if you're serious in getting a HGT, email me. HGT collector here. Can sell you mine. Condition like brand new as if time froze.

Anonymous said...

Buy it bro ! I own one and its super duper car. If you saw me on highway, which is matte grey HGT do honk me ! :P


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