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Friday, June 11, 2010

Aha, finally, i made my sign picture for porttuantanah.com or familiar by other bloggers as TTT's blog contest (:

Its being a long time for me to wait untill today because the last day of this contest is today at 11.59 pm! aha. ( TTT u made everyone addicted to ur blog right now! aha :D )

Peraduan yang dianjurkan oleh TTT menawarkan 3 buah Blackberry dan terbahagi kepada 3 kategori:
1) Kategori Lelaki
2) Kategori Perempuan
3) Kategori Lelaki VS Perempuan ( TTT vs HHH ) :p joking!

Dear TTT, i'm very sorry for the late submission. Better late than never right? ;)
So, this is what I made for TTT :

Warna pink mesti kena ada because that favorite color TTT. hehe. 
Aha I think i'll be the last contestant. hehe.
Hope u like it dear! :)



TTT said...

hye dear :)

sorry lambat dtg
TTT kelam kabut sikit hehe ramai hantar mlm ni

wah ade warne pink XD

TTT dah letak kat blog tau

tq sbb join kontest TTT

take care n gd luck dear!

jammbush said...

aha, sokay TTT. :) kan betol i'm the last.. hehe n sory la x cantik.. sbb nk cpat tkt contest tutup... :(


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