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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Justin Bieber gets wet with Kim Kardashian?


The teen singer is in the Bahamas doing a photo shoot with KIM KARDASHIAN - in the sea.
The pair were snapped walking onto the shore, hand-in-hand, before having a water fight.
They are both staying at The Cove Resort at the luxurious Atlantis on Paradise Island which is sure annoy the loopy contingent of Bieber's burgeoning fanbase. 

Sorry, Justin Bieber fans. Seems your boy is still hanging out with Kim Kardashian. Aha!

"Photoshoot on the beach ... ummmm yeah. I told her to watch out ... I love my fans," Bieber, 16, wrote on Twitter.

Kardashian, 29, then posted her own photo showing her running her hands through Bieber's famous locks. "My dream! I messed up Justin Bieber's hair!!!" she Tweeted.

Some Bieber fans will surely get riled up by the images, having already strongly objected to Bieber's friendship with Kardashian after they met at the White House Correspondents' dinner in May.

Kardashian, who admitted to having "Bieber Fever" at the time, said she even received death threats. Bieber tried to calm things down, calling Kardashian "a very sexy friend but a friend. No need 4 threats. Let's all be friends and hang out often."

I'm sure that you guys and babes get drools with this hot story! aha! :D

-hanef h-

source: www.thesun.co.uk, www.people.com


| CHYMARA | said...

err. justin bieber. ure only 16, stop dreaming. kim, u almost reach 30, pergi la hanging out wif people yg lebih kurang sama umur. err. *i minat justin. hahaha

senandung semalam said...

i dun care bout them... hahhahahha
senang cte...

Nur -al- Ain said...

ngeee.. wet wet wet.. hhaahah

q-nizam said...

oh no my justin bibir.. :)

NaNaJoe said...

sgt suka lagu dia..
dengar ulang2 jew~ :)

♥ Nasiha Sakinah ♥ said...

haha..biar btol dak kecik ni kuar ngan awek cam mak org uh :P

PuTRiTeDDy said...

haha..macam mak justin da ptri tgk
mentang2la budak justin tu cute n famous.haha

Moots Harlow said...

so annoying!


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