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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Travel : Bintulu,Sarawak. Part I&II

Since last friday, I was in Bintulu for my brother study registration at UPM Bintulu. Bintulu is a coastal town. It is about 650km from Kuching and 202km from Miri. Furthermore, Bintulu is a central gateway to tourist spots like Bakun Resort, Niah Cave and so on. Here, I provide to all of u with some of pic that I got at Bintulu. (:
Day 1:
Petronas worker maybe. hehe
The structure of KLIA
Boeing 737. Delayed 20minutes to Bintulu.
Aha, this going to be when need to wait for a long period of time.
The clouds. (: Love it.
Bintulu Airport.

Day 2:
Unique stone.
Filling the form.
The warehouse of knowledge.
Queen of ant inside it.Below show where the hole located.
At the tree.
Natural beauty.
From the hotel.View of Bintulu.

Enjoy the pictures guys. Wait for the next part of Bintulu yea. (:


Ery Farieha said...

ingat kamu yg study ctu

ejum said...

gmbar gadis xde ke?.

Zack Zaifull said...

hotel mana tu ek? macam nampak view laut, ni mesti area parkcity ni...

jangan sesekali pergi kat area sungai kemayan ye....

gadis2 kat situ murah2.... tapi jangan cari pasal cari penyakit free...

Zack Zaifull said...

eheh silap! sungai kemena....

senandung semalam said...

best nye...
nk ikut..

yyunie said...

comel laa 2 kiddo turh . hihi :)

hanif hafiz said...

oit..mne citer pasal bntulu nye..
citer pasal pokok je nmpk..


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