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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celcom ke Maxis? Yang Mana Berpatutan?

Hey guys.. today i'm in dilemma to choose which one is better, convenience, affordable n cheap! :D Actually, i'm planning to have one blackberry since few numbers of my buddies dah pun pakai blackberry. So, why not i take one aite? :D So, my option is either maxis blackberry package or celcom. So, if you guys ada yang penah guna any package, pls share with me kay? Thank you. *tak sabar.

So, here are some available package:
 1) celcom blackberry plan

 2) maxis blackberry plan


h n f h f z said...

bnyk duit nk byr bulan2..

double’S a.k.a S² said...

i nak 1..1 je..pleaseeeee (#_#)


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